Soft Ice Shavings with a Refreshing Flavour Twist

Dive into a world of mouthwatering delight with our irresistible shaved ice syrup mixes!

Shaved Ice Machine

The perfect fluffy snow is easily achieved by using our shaved ice machine.

Simply place a frozen block of ice inside, and as it runs over the high-quality stainless steel blade, the ice is shaved into a fine, snow-like texture. The snow-like texture gives that perfect melt-in-your-mouth feel when eaten, without the hard, crunchy bite of crushed ice, providing a delightful base for your favourite Icy Kapow syrups.

About Icy Kapow

After years of longing for the flavours that defined my childhood ice lollies, I discovered they were nowhere to be found. This ignited my quest to bring those cherished tastes back to life in an even more delightful way. In my quest, I came across shaved ice, which intrigued my interest as this was a new experience. In South Africa, the search for genuine shaved ice or snowcones often led to disappointment. The few examples I stumbled upon at distant farmers’ markets were more akin to crushed ice or slushies, lacking the delicate, snow-like texture I sought.

We aimed to introduce to the South African market a shaved ice that not only retained its flavours throughout the entire experience but also boasted that soft, snowy texture. Months of research and product development led us to create Icy Kapow syrups, which perfectly complement the snow-like ice. These syrups are crafted to bring back those beloved childhood flavours, combining the nostalgia of beach ice lollies with the joy of ice, to deliver sheer enjoyment with every bite.

And so Icy Kapow emerged, its name a vibrant shout out to the exhilarating tales of comic book heroes, encapsulating the essence of fun and enjoyment. Our primary goal is to make Icy Kapow synonymous with superior syrups and genuine shaved ice, offering a consistent, delightful experience across South Africa. Whether at malls, markets, restaurants or play parks, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every encounter with Icy Kapow brings a smile, catering to children of all ages and adults alike.

Tasty Syrup Varieties for Perfect Snow Cones and Shaved Ice

Summer Mango Shaved Ice Flavoured Syrup


This syrup captures the lush, tropical essence of ripe mangoes, offering…

Cherry Berry Shaved Ice Flavoured Syrup


This syrup is a luscious blend of ripe cherries and a medley of wild berr…

Tangy and Sweet Apple Shaved Ice Flavoured Syrup

Tangy and
Sweet Apple

This syrup tantalises your taste buds with the perfect balance of sugary…

Yellow Pineapple Shaved Ice Flavoured Syrup


This syrup is a tropical treasure, embodying the lush sweetness and vibrant tang…

Bubblegum Flava Shaved Ice Flavoured Syrup


This syrup captures the playful spirit and iconic sweetness of classic bubb…

Ice Lolly Orange Shaved Ice Flavoured Syrup

Ice Lolly

This syrup infuses your shaved ice with the quintessential taste of summ…

Red Raspberry Shaved Ice Flavoured Syrup


This syrup offers the quintessential taste of summer with its rich, vibrant…

Cotton Candy Grape Shaved Ice Flavoured Syrup

Cotton Candy

This syrup swirls together the whimsical essence of classic cotton candy…

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